• Krista L @KristaLonsdale East Barnet - updated 1y

    A consultation document for evidence on littering-that means plastic waste!!😁

    Be prepared it`s quite long.It covers,wipes,sachets,single use bottles & cups and possibly other things I`ve forgotten.I didn`t give `evidence` every time,which is asked for,(!!) though I did try to provide links to either real evidence or at least articles from respected organisations laying out the problems.
    I suggested biodegradables-easily obtainable materials available and `return-clean and take another full one` systems for bottles-like Milk deliveries. I did that because there are sytems to copy(milkmen) and sytems are already half there in some supermarkets anyway. I`ve also suggested Loyalty points can be consumer incentives! It`s very easy to find links to items that fit the bill on biodegradables and since they are sellers they provide costings too.
    Worth doing IMHO


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