• Emmsar @Emmsar Earlsfield updated 20 days ago
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  • Emmsar @Emmsar Earlsfield updated 9 days ago
    Why are my headphones not working when I insert the ja k? I have tried every setting possible but the computer audio is what works I felt pretty silly wearing my headphones during a zoom meeting when the people in the room stared at me, then I realised they could hear every word while for me the sound was muffled.
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  • Southwestern trains wants to reduce trains stopping at Wandsworth - Earlsfield, Wandsworth Town, Putney etc. Please go to the consultations page and vote to keep Wandsworth stops on the train routes. https://www.southwesternrailway.com/plan-my-journey/timetables/timetable-consultation-december-2022
  • Emmsar @Emmsar Earlsfield updated 8 months ago
    Hello everyone. I need to collect 10+ bags of topsoil from East Hill SW11 to near Wimbledon Roundabout Does anyone come down that way and help me. I don't have a car and we are hoping to work on the garden planting some vegetables. At the moment the small patch is full of rubble and weeds. Is there anyone who could help? I could pay for your petrol. We are an elderly couple and have no neighbours with cars. Thanks
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  • Emmsar @Emmsar Earlsfield updated 9 months ago
    Hi everyone, I have after several attempts and trials managed to pair two laptops with the idea of using one as a second screen/monitor. However I am not able to transfer the open file from the main laptop to the second monitor. Any ideas why not? Thanks
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  • Emmsar @Emmsar Earlsfield updated 9 months ago
    My laptop is fine except that some keys don't seem to work properly. Perhaps I could replace the keyboard? Is it easy, I seem to remember a comment made years ago by someone saying it isn't difficult. True or false? The laptop otherwise is really good. Any advice/suggestions/ Thanks in advance
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  • Emmsar @Emmsar Earlsfield updated 10 months ago
    Hi, I want to transfer my Windows 10 from my old computer to one that is running on Windows 8. How can I do this painlessly? All suggestions welcome. Best.
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  • Emmsar @Emmsar Earlsfield updated 10 months ago
    Like the majority of the people in the UK and eslewhere I use WhatsApp that allows me to send short videos and photographs to my contacts in and outside of the UK. Now that Britain is out of the EU the data protection act will not apply for much longer. Facebook intends to incorporate the app to its main corporate body so that at any future anti-monopoly congressional hearing they won't be forced to sell off any part of this conglomerate. They have asked users to accept their new privacy policy that basically expects users to allow Facebook access to all our messages, photos and contacts for their use. We all know they sell data in the US for any and everyone prepared to pay. We have no choice but to find alternative apps. Signal appears to be best as it does ot retain data. but how can I save the messages, images and videos behore WhatsApp shuts me out? Thanks
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