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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 6 months ago

    Wolf Hall

    I recently watched the complete mini-series "Wolf Hall" (about Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII). I am the first to admit that it is really well done, great actors and settings. And as far as I could find out later, it is mostly historically accurate.
    However while forced exposition is normally considered bad in movies, I wish they would sometimes give me a hint who characters are actually talking to and what historic character just passed by on the screen. While very relaxing to watch, I got totally lost who is who (especially the supporting actors) and what they were talking about.
    Is this just me (because I did not go to a British school)? Do people who grew up in Britain know all this stuff about Henry VIII, Cromwell, France, Anna Boleyn in detail?
    Anyway, I highly recommend watching it, but be warned: It might lead you down the wikipedia rabbit hole.

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