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    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 1 year ago

    I use Windows 7 and support is ending in January. I don't mind admitting I'm now getting sleepless nights about the next step as I'm definitely not computer-minded, can just do the basics. Anyone from Kahuti will probably remember I've been down this road before and am still none the wiser.
    Windows don't think it's a good idea to install Windows 10 on an old machine. I currently use an HP Pavilion all-in-one which I'm very happy with and I'm not keen on laptops although I can see I may now have to buy one with W10 on it and bite the bullet.

    My queries are:
    Do I put everything on Cloud (recommended) and, once I work out how to do it, will I be able to access it from any new computer I buy?
    Best and easiest way to back up what I have here (there is a DVD slot which has never worked no matter how many different discs I try to back up with). I do have a USB 3.00 Flash Drive - do they do the same thing.

    Can I still get the 'favourites' which include saving accounts, internet banking and other things I use a lot?
    Or will everything have to be installed again.
    Will I be more confused if I try and run two computers side by side for a while?

    Or should I get in the professionals.

    Thoughts from anyone having the same problem much appreciated. (PS I'm ancient as you can probably work out).

    • Keep using your HP Pavillion. Have a good antivirus software running on your computer. With the mone..

    • Thanks - would you also install Windows 10?

    • No, if you're happy to continue using Win 7

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    • Go for the 2 TB . You'll be surprise how much space video files take.

    • I have an HP Pavillion that's about 5 years old. Windows 10 installed ok

    • This is 2010 - so can't complain, still looking at which hard drive to buy - they all seem to be for..

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