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  • Windows 10 home and windows 10 pro ....!!!

    Niche @Niche Palmers Green updated 8 months ago

    In the process of researching for a new laptop, I just discovered there are many types of windows 10 software!
    I thought the whole point of just having windows 10 was to make it uniform and no more versions.
    I really cannot see how this helps, especially for sole traders, which feels an in between position.
    Why can't people just keep things simple?!

    • That probably explains why when I have a problem the advice given doesn't make sense or work.

    • @Bo... It's an oxymoron...completely confusing MS's own aims and objectives...back to where we it ha..

    • @Ni... this is a nice simple comparison between the home and Pro versions

    • there has always been a home and professional version of windows

    • I am not a windows user, but I am shocked to see that something as fundamental as disk encryption ap..

    • @Ci... The home user buyer will most probably not want or understand what disk encryption does, i..

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