• John H @JohnH6 Mod Westcliff-On-Sea - 8mo

    What's new on Scooploop?

    If you usually only look in on the usual loop(s), then, if you don't explore Scooploop, or don't know how to, you may be missing the latest loops. If you browse loops on the website, you can see all loops with 2 or more members. However, if you use the app, you will be able to see newly formed loops with only 1 member.
    To browse all loops on the website, click on the eyes icon on the menu bar, then click 'Browse Loops'.
    To browse all loops on the app, tap 'Loops' in the menu, then 'All'.

    Here is a link to all the loops visible on the website by using the menu bar:


Southend-on-Sea loop