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  • Warning re. cards - copied from F/book

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 1 year ago

    The police say someone had their bank accounts emptied after they paid a taxi driver with a debit card. They had wanted to pay with their credit card, but taxi asked for another method because he didn’t want to pay the 4% visa fee.

    Police advise that whenever you are asked to use a debit card instead of credit card for whatever reason, enter the wrong PIN. If it is a counterfeit machine it will pretend to process the payment and produce a receipt. Whereas an authentic machine will reject the PIN and request a “try again” message.

    Help spread the word, as the police state this type of fraud is becoming increasingly prevalent.

    Thank you!!!!

    • Useful info, thanks

    • @Fr... eh It would be if all legitimate taxi drivers were not registered, traceable and DBS checked...

    • I thought I had read this previously on Scooploop. This 'warning' has been floating around the inter..

    • @Ch... Oh yes!

    • @Pe... - Thanks, Peter, I knew there would be someone who could say whether true or false! And it l..

    • @Pe... Thank you for exposing this as yet another ongoing story that repeats on social media sites ..

    • Shall I delete?

    • @Se... why? It’s interesting and draws attention to the fact that this story is circulating. And re..

    • It's worth reading the article supplied by Peter rather than taking the post at face value.

    • These things do tend to circulate for years on FB, etc, so it's worth leaving as a reminder to not a..

    • I'm suitably humbled!

    • (Sorry, Selsey, my last comment was intended to take some of the sting out of the tail. )

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