• Sylvia S @SylviaS Upper Tooting - 3mo

    WANTED -Volunteers for Vaccination Centre on Mitcham Road, Tooting .

    159 Mitcham Road SW17 9PG -opposite Bickersteth Road
    The centre will become very busy in September with
    - Polio vaccination for young children
    Flu jab for those eligible
    and from 12 September, the 4th Covid vaccination for age group 50 to 74 and of course, anyone over 75 who have not yet had their fourth jab
    Volunteers are for marshalling duties in two shifts 9-1pm and 1pm to 6. -or any couple of hours you can give on a regular basis.
    Please contact Site Manager Nirav Dave on 020 8049 6640 or email him on
    Nirav @pearlchemistgroup.co.uk -with any enquiry you may have.

Upper Tooting

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