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    Ray P @RayPro Thorpe St Andrew updated 6 months ago

    I have been with Virgin for many years (was NTL before) every year they put the prices up and every year I haggle and get a better deal.
    This year when my haggled discount of £41 was due to rise to £54! I phoned them again threatening to leave, my normal ploy and was immediately given a new price of £39 for exactly the same package I have had for years providing that I have an 18 month contract.
    As I am very satisfied with Virgin and would not want to leave I am a happy bunny

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    • @Se... Don't think its Eon. They are my energy supplier? I think

    • @Vi... - you made me look it up! It's EE. (knew there was an E somewhere).

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    • I must do it with my BT Landline & Broadband. I`m paying too much!! BUT they are reliable.

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