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  • Virgin drastically changing PAYG charging policy w.e.f. 18 November 2019

    As if I didn't have enough hardware problems with my old mobile 'phone, my longstanding provider has just announced a swingeingly unfair price change for its PAYG customers, which severely penalises those like me who use a mobile 'phone only very little, rarely and irregularly.
    They didn't consult PAYG customers first, or even alert their sales staff in advance, but are blandly forcing small-scale PAYG users into switching in a very few weeks' time, either using up all our current credit balances or being left to seek a refund. Their customer service staff are receiving numerous complaints but offering no help, merely feeding that back to the company's idiotic management. This fiasco is likely to give Virgin a really rotten reputation for poor customer service at this level.

    • Diana and all others, in our free society when one does not get the expected service one changes sup..

    • That's easy for you to say: you don't have to switch. It's far less easy for anyone to switch who's ..

    • Diana, had a quick online look and came up with these two, hope this helps..

    • Help and suggestion to switch to Giff gaff already given on a recent thread...

    • I suspect that may have been me (was just about to suggest it again!) but I cannot check as for me y..

    • "This fiasco is likely to give Virgin a really rotten reputation for poor customer service at this l..

    • Yes, it was you Peter. I thought I'd post the link to save you having to repeat yourself.... ☺️

    • Wow, that’s pretty generous for their bottom line. Good thing I’ve ditched them years ago...

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    • Found it now - in another group [ Scooploop IT support]I would like to know if there is any mobile d..

    • @Di... Virgin are total morons (IMO, of course). As suggested, move to Tesco Mobile which piggyback..

    • @Ra..., that's so kind of you! I've just been researching this myself and came back to thinking abo..

    • Well it doesn't really 'roll over indefinitely' when my 1st 4 months was up i had only used a few pe..

    • @Mi... Thanks for this helpful approach, even if Tesco doesn't feel like a good fit for me. I hadn't..

    • Boots, thanks for that insight into how 1pmobile actually works when one has a lot of accumulated cr..

    • Yes I do have a package on my land line, just for phone and broadband - no TV. To be honest i very r..

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