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  • Using your, or a family photo as your avatar on Scooploop, or any other public website

    John H @JohnH6 Eastwood updated 17 days ago

    Edit: I may not be around for much longer, as my joke below with Teague , has been reported by him to the Police, and that is not a joke.
    For various reasons, personal safety and misuse, it is not wise to use a personal, or family photo on Scooploop, or any other public website/forum. A public website is one where anyone can view the contents simply by joining it. Facebook is a private website, unless you choose to make its contents public. Even if it is private, in some people's cases, how many of those friends are real friends? You should also never post any personal information whatsoever on a public website, as it can be used by someone that means you harm, or make use of it in some other way.

    • Looks like I am breaking all the rules then, although unless someone uses my photo fraudulently I ca..

    • @Ra... Hello Ray. Nice to see you on holiday, but the point is what use can be made of the image, a..

    • @Ra... - never noticed you in it, Ray, just see the scenery!

    • @Jo... I can see your point but I don't think I have any enemies or upset people up here in Norfolk..

    • @Se... yup Canadian scenery is very captivating unlike me in the middle.

    • @Ra... I've just signed you up on the Cage Fighters website forum, and posted that you'll take on a..

    • @Jo... LOL I hope you got my email address right as its a throw away one also photo is not that rec..

    • @Ra... Good luck Ray, you can do it 🥊

    • @Ra... Don't worry, I've given your Scooploop address, and signed you up with a 10 min email.

    • @Jo... OK I've given my three sons the nod, Scooploop is easily blocked and actually my Scooploop e..

    • @Ra... Okay, as you're sending the boys round, I'll move on to an unsuspecting target!

    • @Jo... For a minute I thought you would say "move house". Unsuspected "I am on high alert"

    • @Ra... Is it Lake Louise?

    • @Jo... Your point is well taken but I disagree, If you have to hide your face ,what are you afraid ..

    • @An... No it was Medicine lake on the road to Maligne lake from Jasper. Still in the rockies though. ..

    • @Ro... Hello Ron. You are missing the point; it has nothing to do with having nothing to be afraid of..

    • @Jo... you assume wrongly, I am fully aware of the risks involved, in my book what you see is what ..

    • @Ro... I think you will be ok but the daughter of one of my friends found out her photo was being use..

    • @Ro... Okay Ron. Your Facebook page is up and running! Your face is also on the Web.

    • @Jo... - can I ask which dating site you have him on?

    • @Se... Exactly! The possibilities are many.

    • @Ra... I've got an identical photo - apart from the people! We went to Maligne as well, there were ..

    • @Jo... - I was joking!

    • You only have to watch the tv programme Catfish to know what devious people will do with other peopl..

    • @Jo... I haven't the faintest idea what you think you are trying to prove I'm not on Facebook, but ..

    • @Ro... But you are now! You are still missing the point.

    • @Ro... Here's what you need:

    • @Jo... I have no idea what all this trash means but if you have been playing the fool I suggest you..

    • @Ro... It is jocular, to give an indication of what you say you wouldn't worry about, and there you a..

    • @Jo... you're wasting your breath as some are 'too blind to see' the meaning of this post. Social m..

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