• John H @JohnH6 Mod Westcliff-On-Sea - 6mo

    Using Scooploop - No.7 - Posting

    If you log on to Scooploop on the Home page, as per this link: https://bit.ly/46frGqg and wish to post something, there is no need to navigate to the loop that you wish to post in. When you click 'Create Post', if you belong to more than 1 loop, you will see the name of a loop, and on the right of this a left pointing arrow, clicking this will show all the loops that you belong to. You can then select the loop and your post will go straight there.

Scooploop Workshop


The Workshop - a place for users, new and existing, to experiment with creating posts, events and polls, writing comments, adding photos and videos, using the editor and generally seeing how a loop works. Remember that site guidelines still apply, so nothing offensive, or irrelevant to the loop, etc, and no commercial advertising. (Users who can't play nicely will be removed.)