• John H @JohnH6 Mod Westcliff-On-Sea - 2mo

    Using Scooploop

    The following posts cover using the site.

    1. Accessing the site
    2. Avatar drop-down list
    3. Explore icon
    4. Posting events and polls
    5. Scooploop help website
    6. Posting videos
    7. Posting
    8. Blocking
    9. Scooploop locations
    10. Highlight your contributions in a thread.
    11. Unable to comment/react on a post
    12. Icons below a post
    13. A member's avatar
    14. Setting up a loop
    15. Using search
    16. Non-appearing posts
    17. New loops not possible at the moment!
    18. Posting links to websites

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Scooploop Workshop


The Workshop - a place for users, new and existing, to experiment with creating posts, events and polls, writing comments, adding photos and videos, using the editor and generally seeing how a loop works. Remember that site guidelines still apply, so nothing offensive, or irrelevant to the loop, etc, and no commercial advertising. (Users who can't play nicely will be removed.)