• John H @JohnH6 Mod Westcliff-On-Sea - updated 6mo

    Using Scooploop - basics - No.4 - Posting events and polls.

    When you click to create a post, you will see the image below. The first icon is to write a post, the second is to post an event, and the third to post a poll.
    The event entry is self-explanatory. The poll gives a maximum of 9 choices and can run from 1 hour to 7 days. You cannot edit a poll. Many members never post anything, but come out of the woodwork when there is a poll.

    In the comment below is the result of a poll on a member's age. Everyone is now two years older.

Scooploop Workshop


The Workshop - a place for users, new and existing, to experiment with creating posts, events and polls, writing comments, adding photos and videos, using the editor and generally seeing how a loop works. Remember that site guidelines still apply, so nothing offensive, or irrelevant to the loop, etc, and no commercial advertising. (Users who can't play nicely will be removed.)