• John H @JohnH6 Mod Westcliff-On-Sea - 4mo

    Using Scooploop - Basics - No.14 - Setting up a loop

    Click the link below for information on how to set up a loop.

    Be aware that when you set up your loop, it will only be shown in the list of loops on the app. This is because the app shows all loops, whereas viewers of the website can see only loops that have 2 or more members. To overcome this you can ask someone to join it.


Scooploop Workshop


The Workshop - a place for users, new and existing, to experiment with creating posts, events and polls, writing comments, adding photos and videos, using the editor and generally seeing how a loop works. Remember that site guidelines still apply, so nothing offensive, or irrelevant to the loop, etc, and no commercial advertising. (Users who can't play nicely will be removed.)