• John H @JohnH6 Mod Westcliff-On-Sea - 7mo

    Using Scooploop - Basics - No.1 - Accessing the site

    Depending on how you use Scooploop on the website, there are different ways of accessing the site, e.g., if your link always goes directly to the same loop, the name of that loop will appear after scooploop.c o m. However, if you go to scooploop.c o m's Home Page (scooploop.c o m), then what you see will be decided by the choices you make at the top of the page below the 'Create a post' text box.

    First, do not have the 'Show selected content box' ticked, or you will see a post 2 years old below the top post, and may think it is current. In line with that on the right, you will see 'Filter: Default', clicking the drop-down arrow will enable you to choose what posts you see. See the attached image for the choices.

Scooploop Workshop


The Workshop - a place for users, new and existing, to experiment with creating posts, events and polls, writing comments, adding photos and videos, using the editor and generally seeing how a loop works. Remember that site guidelines still apply, so nothing offensive, or irrelevant to the loop, etc, and no commercial advertising. (Users who can't play nicely will be removed.)