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  • DIANA W @DianaW Dalston updated 2 months ago

    Urban flooding

    Yesterday's rainstorms looked more like a deluge but the effects were very temporary around here.
    Other parts of London suffered much worse, however. Not only were there two flood warnings but 14 other flood alerts were issued, supposedly covering most of the capital. But such detail as the BBC reported suggests that the worst affected areas were in either SW London or out to the east, around Walthamstow; see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-57963856.

    Parts of London's old sewer system evidently can't cope but I suspect that those which can benefit from much better local surface drainage, so that less rainwater floods into the sewers.
    Some of the worst-affected areas are hotspots for massive redevelopment of old houses, where vast basements have been excavated and tanked to make them waterproof. All that excluded groundwater has to go somewhere, after all. Flood risk should be a serious consideration when planners assess such selfish planning applications.
    • Many of the roads here were flooded and also damaged


    • They are building in silly places. They KNOW there will be flooding but they still dig-out basements..

    • @Bo... Sorry to see that.

      That link doesn't work; the original post may be restricted to the origin..

    • @Kr... Yes, I got a glimpse of that as I logged back in.

      The Mirror article at https://www..

    • Fatbergs won't have helped.


    • @Te... Them and the fact that a lot of London`s drain infrastructure is Victorian. It`s about time ..

    • @Kr... But that would mean less money paid to shareholders.

    • @Te... Exactly right Terry!! Why am I laughing?!! Its all people bloody care about-money,especially..

    • @Kr... It needs radical augmentation more than replacement, I suspect. When that sewer syst..

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