• karen w @Smurfette South Norwood - 2y

    Update on missing Tino from Woodside Green .. not good news...

    Hi all

    Thanks for your support and messages. Please make sure you keep your pets indoors at night and those who have rabbits living in the garden, please make sure your hutch is mega secure. Foxes will dig for prey.

    Tino hasn’t been home and I found half of his tail in the garden yesterday eve. I’m devastated and I don’t think he’ll return home.

    I was in my garden this morning and saw a/the fox that attacked my cat try and get my neighbours cat. They’re brazen at the moment. They’re hungry and vicious with parks closed and food sparse and Cubs to feed.

    Apparently foxes hate the scent of lemons and olbas oil.

    Thanks again for you support and kind messages.

    RIP Tino Mc Weeno.


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