• UPDATE: Localised Settings

    Hi neighbours,

    thank you all for joining and being a part of the Leyton community.
    We've grown from 80 to 400+ in a matter of weeks.

    As we are now proceeding to grow further North in Leyton, this area might not be relevant to any neighbourly help at road distance from one another (like lending a hand, bikehanger installations, borrowing/lending equipment).

    We ask you to navigate just below the create a post box, where you will identify two circles next to one another. These are the news feed settings, where the left circle represents community news; by being on these settings, you will be able to see comments from neighbours in further areas. The right circle represents news; posts and comments from neighbours in the Leyton area who are situated a walking distance from you.

    An image is attached to visually show you where these features are.

    To avoid any spam, we suggest you set the news feed on your preferred settings.

    Please comment below if you have any questions.


Neighbourhood loop for Leyton, Greater London