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  • Tomorrow is a National Dog Day

    Did you know that August the 26th is known as National Dog Day? To appreciate mans best friend and all the joy they bring to our lives!

    First celebrated in 2004 it is a relatively new celebration, created by animal advocate Colleen Paige. The day helps to raise awareness of the many dogs needing rehoming throughout the country. During lockdown numerous families looked into adopting pets as the country began to work from home. However with companies now returning to the office rescue centres have seen a steep increase in the number of animals looking to be rehomed.

    It is only right that we honor these animals as not only do they bring comfort and joy to our homes, in some cases these animals put their lives on the line for us. There are dogs that protect our safety and freedom by detecting drugs and bombs, as well as those that pull victims from wreckages and tragic situations. Plus, we have dogs for the disabled, blind, and law enforcement. From these heroic dogs to our family friends, these dogs hold special places in our lives.

    Here are some ways in which you can celebrate National Dog Day and get involved:

    Volunteer at your local shelter
    With record numbers of dogs looking for new homes, shelters are always happy to have a helping hand.

    Walk a dog
    A great way to spend some of your free time & fun for all participants! If you don’t have a dog of your own there are now apps and websites that you can sign up to. Linking you with local dogs in the area looking for walks.

    Donate to animal welfare organisations
    Making a donation to any shelter is a fantastic way to help out and always much needed and appreciated.

    Join our Dog Lovers Loop!
    Get involved and become a member of our dogs lovers loop. With funny memes and cute pictures it’s a welcoming dog focused loop for all. https://www.scooploop.com/loops/dog-lovers

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