• Steve g @Stevegrew Leytonstone - updated 3y


    Hello to all neighbours - just a quick post to advise everyone about this growing problem in and around our area. Two friends have just had 'cats' stolen from under the cars, and cost to replace is around £1,000 plus. It's such a problem that local suppliers can't get replacement stock and you are then forced to wait for new parts. They literally 'jack up' the car and remove the part. A local garage reported that it's a huge problem with one customer having one stolen whilst parked in Tesco's car park and another lady waking up after hearing a noise outside her house to find two masked individuals in the process of stealing hers! Scary stuff so if you see a car being tampered with please alert others/police asap. Cars especially at risk are LEXUS AND PRIUS (Toyota) so please keep an extra eye out for anyone local. Thanks all...


Neighbourhood loop for Leytonstone, Greater London