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    The Ultimate Job Offer. Information from "Above The Law".

    Clarence Thomas has a life-long appointment to the US Supreme Court.

    In 2023 "ProPublica" uncovered evidence that this senior Supreme Court justice took hundreds of thousands of dollars in undisclosed gifts over a long period.

    Thomas had wealthy buddies cover private school tuition for his family on his behalf, provide his mother rent-free housing, funnel money from a right-wing advocacy group to his wife under the table, and buy him an RV. [ Recreation Vehicle ]

    He has now been offered $1million a year pension and a £2 million vehicle to retire by John Oliver, a TV show host.

    Thomas has denied wrongdoing and said he was advised that he did not need to disclose trips and gifts from wealthy donors, who are some of his “dearest friends.”

    “Early in my tenure at the court, I sought guidance from my colleagues and others in the judiciary, and was advised that this sort of personal hospitality from close personal friends, who did not have business before the court, was not reportable,” Thomas said in a statement in April, The Washington Post previously reported.

    In the wake of deep scrutiny, the Supreme Court announced in November that it had adopted a new code of conduct, but that it did not have a way to enforce those standards against those who fall short.

    Clarence Thomas has for years claimed income from a defunct real estate firm

    It was for that reason that Oliver decided it was time to put his own pocket on the line. And if $1 million a year until either of the men die is not enough, Oliver said, then taking the deal is probably “the perfect way to find out who your real friends actually are.”

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