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  • The Starling . Netflix 2021

    Starring Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd and Kevin Kline

    A woman coming to terms with the loss of a child contends with a threatening bird in her garden. Whilst her husband struggles with his mental health.

    Doesn’t sound much fun - some reviews say it’s awful
    But we liked it
    More drama than comedy
    We found it intriguing 🤨 with some unexpected outcomes . Yes it was far fetched , a bit off the wall, classic McCarthy , but touchingly different, well acted and the ‘bird’ doesn’t become a best friend like in a Disney movie. Poignant
    Has anyone else seen it?
    • @Ch... I haven't but the cast sounds interesting, I like Chris O’Dowd very much and McCarthy to..

    • @To... in this Chris and Melissa are married! Well I just had to see that 😁

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