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  • Lesley A @Lesley4 Frant updated 2 months ago

    The maskless Tories

    I think this article, well mainly the pictures, shows a key difference between political parties. The Tories seem to have no care for others and a feeling that somehow they’re invincible. Worries me.

    • @Le... when I watch the debate on the television there didn't seem to be many on both sides of the..

    • @Le... I noticed that. It felt very uncomfortable watching.

    • That's simply not the case. I have just watched the debate and the opposition parties are largely ma..

    • They were not following their own government's expectations and guidance. This is from Gov website o..

    • @Le... can't dispute the evidence of the TV cameras and the press photos.

    • "At this new phase of the pandemic response we are moving to an approach that enables PERSONAL risk ..

    • That's hardly the point. This is a government expecting and advising the public to do one thing, pre..

    • @Le... please read my last comment. That is their and the scientific advice. They have given us th..

    • No, your previous comment’s quote was taken out of context. The full advice is what I circled. And I..

    • @Le... if we don't need to wear masks why do politicians need to wear masks? and it wasn't out of ..

    • Most people in Sainsbury's this morning wearing masks (and a sign asking if you are able to continue..

    • @So... Why are you ignoring the paragraph that states that the public are EXPECTED to wear masks ..

    • @Se... in the photographs you can't see t'other side.... ee bah gum. 😂

    • @Se... I assure you I saw the debate and they were just the same on both sides

    • Just 2 people in Co-op with masks on but the staff aren't wearing them anymore.

    • Exactly expected not legally, it states that in your article.

    • @Le... Agreed, Government and scientific advice is to continue to wear a mask in indoor crowded pl..

    • @ma... Well some people fail to grasp even the simplist points. Or perhaps they just want to argue t..

    • @Le... I think you've got in one😉🤭

    • Yes, no point in discussing further.

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