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    Technology and some of us

    I went to get cash at ATM machine at 7.15 this morning, put card in and it disappeared. Then a notice saying This machine is out of order. Waited until 9.00 to call the bank - 20 minutes - to be told cards are shredded when that happens so would have to get onto my own bank. Another 20 minutes at my own bank to be told they'd send another which might take 5 working days. I'm not sure whether the 5day break includes any working days so it won't be this week.

    I was due to call into builders merchants to order some slabs but couldn't without card so decided to buy on line with my credit card, a process I started at about 4.00 this afternoon. Now everything needs verification so couldn't pay without using their 'card machine', of which I have two as it took so long for the first one to arrive they sent another. First time of using today. Attempted at least 3 times on both machines to insert card only to be told Error - Wrong Card. So then another 15 minutes to get through to M & S, who couldn't understand it but said they would send a text code only there was nowhere for me to put the number as it was set up for the card reader. Finally they decided to give me an exemption and just purchase on line but order kept coming back as unable to pay, use another form of payment which I can't as I don't have a debit card at the moment. Then transferred to the Fraud department who arranged it so that I could put the number received via text in, tried another 3 times and still came back as unable to fulfil order. They appreciated I had now been trying at least 8 times to pay. Was on to them for about 25 minutes then they said they'd ring me back, which they did. 6.15, just tried again as they have apparently set me up for the text code, still can't fulfil order and I'm giving up for today.

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