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  • Switching to new mobile PAYG 'phone

    I use things until they break down permanently, so have had only three mobile 'phones in 16-odd years. I only use one for texting, occasional calls and taking pictures, not going online.

    When the camera on the current 'phone failed, apparently irretrievably, I bought a new basic (2G) mobile 'phone, expecting to be able to put my existing PAYG SIM card into it - but then discovered that the new one only takes microSIM cards (of which I'd never previously heard). So, although I can transfer my mobile number to the new 'phone, I can't then use up the credit balance on the old SIM account.

    Since my landline provider charges ridiculously high rates for daytime calls, the new EE network-based PAYG offering from looks very attractive. Although it claims to have no contract and to allow one to roll over any unused credit, it does require that one top up at least £10 at least once every 120 days - and I don't currently use £30 mobile credit a year, even paying Virgin's much higher call charges.

    What would people advise that I do?

    • Well, for a start you could ask your current provider if they can send you a replacement SIM (on the..

    • Just re read your post. With GiffGaff PAYG the minimum top up is £10, but you won't lose that. They ..

    • Diana, re rediculous high charges for your day time calls from your landline provider, who is your p..

    • Antoinette, I make very few landline calls at all, mostly at the weekend and in the evening, so the ..

    • My GiffGaff Goodybag, which I need for my mobile data, comes with unlimited text messages, and 250mi..

    • Thanks, Peter. You and I clearly use mobile 'phones in very different ways! I rarely ever take a 'ph..

    • Yes, Diana! I was still listening to Dad's Army on my Bluetooth speaker while watering my son's vege..

    • SIM adapters are less than £5 on Amazon or in most phone shops.

    • My son decided to bring me into the 21st century & buy me an android but I still only use it to make..

    • Hello, just joined the group. Generally SIM cards come in the large format with the size adjustable ..

    • I've just had my PAYG account switched to the new 'phone because the old one suddenly stopped being ..

    • That is exactly why I changed to using Gmail to store my contacts, years ago.It certainly used to be..

    • You may also be able to test your charger output using a multimeter.

    • If you use Google you can upload the info on Google and WhatsApp also keeps the contacts on the net...

    • I cannot upload anything to anywhere from the old 'phone unless I can find a way to recharge that 'p..

    • Found on ebay !

    • And the seller has tried twice before, unsuccessfully, so you'd be unlucky not to get it for a fiver..

    • That's thoughtful of you both - but I don't want a grubby secondhand copy of my old 'phone. I've got..

    • For a fiver you get a working phone and charger (anything not working you get your money back from e..

    • Wot Clive sed!!Ignore the phone -- that comes free with a known-working charger (or your money back)..

    • Thanks, guys. I did hear you the first time but that further clarifies my thinking.I've checked with..

    • Diana, how did you get photos off the phone before? Could you access your information that way?

    • The old 'phone has Bluetooth (although my laptop doesn't), so I got a Bluetooth adapter for the comp..

    • Yep it can, it's just another network protocol !

    • It's not an idiotic question at all. It really depends on the software at either end of the Bluetoot..

    • It might be the only hope of transferring the data electronically - if I can just get the old 'phone..

    • check under the battery on your Doro phone.

    • 'microSD' is a memory card, so that might indeed give you another way out. Even if your new phone do..

    • Thanks for that! Next stop, repair shops which can check where the fault is.I'm not sure to what ext..

    • It depends purely on the software, Diana. The original operator of your phone may have decided that ..

    • So, not that simple then. I should have known better than to theorise about a field in which I'm so ..

    • I haven't yet managed to get to a real 'phone repairer but the helpful local shop confirmed that the..

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