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  • Struggling to understand the economics

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 2 months ago

    Without getting political in any way, I am really struggling to understand what's going on at the moment. On the one hand I read of people having trouble feeding their children and themselves, jobs are going left, right and centre and on the other hand, everywhere I go there are 'Sold' signs, skips and scaffolding. I'm getting very confused by it all.

    • I went into the Glades the other day and it was quite quiet apart from the Apple store which had a q..

    • Most people didn't have an expensive holiday this year and a lot are now working from home so they a..

    • Interest rates are appalling...banks are already hinting at charging for current accounts too

    • There have been fireworks going off around here every evening/night for the past week, not so hard u..

    • True but the last thing I would be doing under the current climate is moving house and wondering if ..

    • @An... new iPhone released a few weeks ago all of their shops are busy

    • @Se... Perhaps it's just people who feel their jobs are relatively safe. Also I think there's been ..

    • Phones are one thing, moving house - which is not cheap in any way - is another. I can't believe tha..

    • I was reading a lot of people are now intending to keep on working from home so are moving out to a ..

    • My step daughter is moving to something smaller and further out of London. Two of my friends have mo..

    • @Bo... There have been late night fireworks around my way as well. I have no idea what is being cele..

    • @An... - if the first time buyers become unemployed then no-one is going anywhere. I can understand ..

    • The Green Homes grant has created a lot of work with people improving their homes. Those who can are..

    • @Se... So far the chains have been successful with my friends moving but so many young people could..

    • Some people might be extending their property rather than moving as it helps avoid adding quite so m..

    • @An... - that's awful. I don't suppose he can get let the flat out either with that hanging over it...

    • @Ha... - I did read (Martin Lewis, of course) that householders just can't get the three quotes requir..

    • The flat next door to me was sold in February - new people appeared in March [ not the intended tena..

    • Does make you wonder. Sounds as though structural changes might be going on.

    • There have been no skips or bricks etc. coming out and the only deliveries have been wood, maybe the..

    • @Se... we don't see the poverty as few people are out and about. It's hidden indoors. The local cor..

    • @Ha... I use a credit card all the time only cash I use was to pay the window cleaner, but that has st..

    • @Ha... I looked into the The Green Homes grant. No registered firms in Kent, SE london or my side of s..

    • @Ve... Hear! Hear! (Electrician hasn't called back)!

    • The grant is only available for six months (unless they change it) so I suppose many people won't be..

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