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    I had wanted to make sourdough bread for a long time, so eventually looked up the recipe for a starter.
    For three weeks I would start the starter off and each week it would die on me!
    And then I bought some different flour, this time instead of using supermarket strong flour, I used Allinson's.

    I couldn't believe the difference. For the last 2-weeks I have been continually feeding and keeping the starter alive. Twice in the last two weeks I have noticed that it looked like could be on the way out. So instead of giving it the feed of flour and water I've just given it flour and a good mix up and it's worked each time. (See photo).
    I'm not complying by all of the rules that you can read on the BBC website. I've not done any of the throw half away and feed it stuff. I just feed it until I have enough then use it.
    Last weekend I took out 300gms of my starter. I added 500 gms of fresh flour 9fl oz of tepid (40°C) water with 2 tbs sugar and a tsp of salt. Blended it all up. Plopped it into an oil lined bowl with Cling wrap over the top and left it overnight. It was very high the next morning, so I knocked it back, spread it out onto a silicone baking sheet and left it to rise again.
    Once I was happy with the rise it went in the oven at 200°C (fan) for 25 minutes, I checked it, turned it over and gave the base another 10 mins.
    Delicious. Just make sure your flour is good.
    As I said I use Allinson's flour, but you may prefer something else.
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