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  • SOS - desktop death, I think

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 5 months ago

    All in one desktop has gone berserk. Bright red and blues and rolling screen. Unable to use, currently on Fire tablet. About 7 years old, Windows 7. Is this repairable or will I have to get Windows 10 laptop, which I dread.
    Plus, of course, will lose everything, contacts, etc. Have switched on/off several times but still happens. Also have second email address which I can't access on tablet. Is there any point in taking to computer shop, if I bought one from them could they transfer stuff?

    • @Se... hi, I had the same problem and was told computer had it. Luckily I had an old laptop with wi..

    • @Se... Hello Selsey. Re the display, there may be something that can be fixed easily. If the screen..

    • @Jo... I sometimes have to use old laptop with window 7 as not all my files have been transferred y..

    • Screen seems OK this morning (switched off at wall last night which I don't normally do) but I know ..

    • @Se... I am sure if I could use window 10 everybody can. Just post queries and some one will put yo..

    • Spent the last hour having desktop remotely looked at. He couldn't see a problem and colour/rolling ..

    • @Se... While it is working, copy all your files, then get Win 10 put on, and see how you cope with ..

    • @Se... My computer did the same. Colour flicking on and off till it gave up the ghost. I would opt ..

    • It's been fine the last couple of days but I know it could happen again. And this machine is quite s..

    • @Se... Sorry to muddy the waters but I was an avid user of my desktop and spent too many hours a da..

    • Thanks, Ray!

    • A few points of interest: Fibre will not make a computer go faster. It will make the Internet faster..

    • Incidentally, the laptop originally had Vista on it, so it is at least 11 years old.

    • @Jo... - but you're clever! Seriously though, I did put Win 10 on this when it first came out (I wa..

    • Very brave of you, no responsibility accepted! You must copy any files that you would not want to lo..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      6 months ago
    • @Jo... - it says you need a licence?

    • Your licence is Win 7. It is the same situation as the first time you installed it.

    • @Jo... - spent last two hours installing - which hopefully it's doing now - so stand by your beds f..

    • I'll stay up until 6.00pm!

    • You can't go yet, still going ....

    • @Jo... - Wakey, wakey - we have lift off! (Not exactly chasing it down the High Street though). So ..

    • Well done! Here's the basics:

    • Oh, thanks for that, very grateful. Tomorrow's mapped out then! I'll bore you all tomorrow again. Ch..

    • @Se... Well done. You have to have your laptop checked. With mine the colourful screen only appeare..

    • @Jo... - Sorry to bother you again. So far surviving Win10 (though not any quicker but I put that d..

    • @Se... My tablet did that the other night, pressed the power button down for a long while [about 2 ..

    • @Bo... - will have a go now - thanks.

    • @Se... Morning. Only use Avast as an antivirus; never pay for any additional feature. Programs to d..

    • @Jo... - so get rid of AVG and use Avast, will have a go now, thanks.

    • @Bo... - tried that til my finger ached, still no go. Could be smash-ing time!

    • @Se... Hope you can sort it out. AVG played havoc on my computer. Do you still get the rainbow colo..

    • @Se... Sorry, brain malfuncion; read Avast instead of AVG. They are the same company, so you may st..

    • A couple of years ago i was advised to get rid of Avast and change to AVG, after i did i found out t..

    • @Jo... - just removed AVG driver with no problem, left the rest - thanks.

    • @Lo... - no, no rainbows currently!

    • @Se... oh that's a shame, mine is a Fire 8 too

    • @Bo... - they are currently on offer on Amazon but I hate new things to learn!

    • I've looked everywhere to try and find how old mine is but can't find any paperwork, the only thing ..

    • Just found it in old diary - July 2017

    • In this house of horrors have just found a 7" one (which was too small) bought in 2015 and charging ..

    • @Se... so 7 inches is too small, some women are never satisfied.😃😃

    • @Bo... - now having trouble with the 7". Trying to sync it with Gmail and had security alert on desk..

    • Don't you just love technology

    • Second big NOOOOOOO. @Bo... Dagenham

    • I've given up on the 7", now awaiting delivery of Fire8 so expect tears and frustration when trying ..

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