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  • Several ways to make it easier for you to survive at the airport

    Travel is always a logistical challenge. The more people, the more children, the more complicated the logistics. Here are some tips; what to do to make life easier for yourself and others and make your next trip a pleasure rather than a pain.

    1) Always Have Something To Eat With You

    Especially when you are traveling with children. It is a known fact that a hungry person is an angry person, and a hungry child becomes unbearable :) Remember that you can’t take drinks through security. So will most likely have to buy these once you are ‘airside’ from one of the many shops. However an exception is made in certain situations, for example with babies milk. Despite the strict guidelines airlines have regarding beverages, no airline prohibits snacks. These can be extremely useful for everyone, for example, if the flight is delayed or if you have a transfer with many hours of waiting. What can we say, sometimes we eat not only from hunger, but also from boredom, and at the airport you can get bored. It is also an option for those on a budget, as eating at the airport costs much more than almost anywhere else.

    2) Do Not Pack Large Bottles Of Water

    Of course, you can bring a bottle of water to the airport itself, or even two:) But you will not go through check-in with drinks with a capacity of more than 100 ml. It is worth remembering this so that you do not end up throwing your supplies into the trash, or even worse (which is not so rare), so that you do not stand in front of the gate and drink everything quickly.

    3) Remember About The Toilet

    Seems silly and frivolous? Nothing could be further from the truth, we forget to use the toilet under stress and when we are in a rush. We will look after the children sooner than we think about ourselves. Therefore, it is worth remembering as one of the basic points before a trip: use the toilet, at home and at the airport. You never know when you will have this opportunity again.

    4) If Possible, Choose Flights Early In The Morning

    Early morning flights are rarely delayed, so you have a much better chance of getting to your destination on time. Don't forget to bring a pillow and a blanket, especially if you're traveling with a baby. There is a good chance that on the way to the airport, and even at the airport itself, your toddler will want to take a nap.

    5) Arrive At The Airport Much Earlier

    I know it is easy to say and harder to do, but it is really good practice to plan your trip so that you will be at the airport 2 hours before departure. By doing this you will avoid the stress associated with possible traffic jams on the roads or the queue for check-in. Traveling nerves are not welcome, and nothing is more stressful than being late for a flight.

    6) Anything You Can - Do Online

    In fact, most of the flight activities are done online. If possible, check-in and pay any fees online. You can do it 24 hours before departure. This will save you time and often stress at the airport.

    7) Check Everything A Few Times

    Make sure you pack everything, e.g. documents, wallet, medicines, if you take any, phone, charger, bathing suit or swimming trunks, or on the contrary, winter clothes, children's toys, favorite mascot. In a word, everything that is missing will make your life difficult while traveling and when at your destination.

    8) Limit Your Hand Luggage

    Having your free hands will make it much easier to move around the airport and the rush associated with possible delays or transfers. By having few things with you, there is also less risk of losing or leaving something in a hurry. This method will also be perfect when you are traveling with children. Sometimes a long wait for a flight or a very early or very late departure time will make the little ones want to take a nap and you may very well end up carrying them to the plane. Imagine that, apart from the child, you have to carry your handbag and a backpack with books and toys. Horror? Maybe not, but definitely unnecessary stress, nerves and sweat.

    9) Better Not Go Over The Baggage Allowance

    Even if you are going away for a long time, you can pack your bags so as not to exceed the luggage limits. They are similar in most airlines: 20 kg for checked baggage (some airlines allow 30 kg) and 8 kg for hand luggage. In the latter case, you must also meet the requirements for the size of the luggage itself, not only its weight. If you have to take more items and your checked baggage is heavier than your allowance, be prepared to pay extra for excess baggage. Here it is worth checking the price list before departure so that there are no surprises.

    10) Remember To Pack Chargers, Power Banks Or Spare Batteries.

    I don't think I need to explain this. It seems obvious, but we often forget about chargers and cables for our devices. If you want to avoid the stressful search for a charger store and avoid overpaying for it, remember to always check that everything is packed before leaving the house. It is worth taking several chargers with you, not only to be able to charge several devices at the same time, but also to have spare, for example, when you leave one at the airport or in a cafe. A power bank is also a good solution, which will protect you from being cut off from the world when there is nowhere to recharge and the battery is already very weak.

    11) Always Keep Your Flight Tickets And Passport Together

    This will avoid the last minute search for where what is hidden. It's also worth finding out once and for all where it is best to keep these documents. For example, a side pocket of pants, necessarily zippered, an easily accessible but closed pocket in your hand luggage, or any other area that you think will work, but a potential thief will not be able to easily access.

    12) Check If Your Documents Have Expired

    Remember that if you need passports while traveling, they must be valid for at least 6 months. Additionally, visas maya be an important formality during the trip. Many countries allow the possibility of obtaining a tourist visa on the spot (quick procedure at the airport). However, there are some countries that still require a visa prior to arrival.

    13) First, Find Your Departure Gate

    Perhaps this is another piece of advice that seems so obvious that it makes no sense. Nevertheless, it's a good practice to find your goal calmly and then find some quiet cafe near it. In this way, when the time of your departure comes, you will not run through half of the airport with the fear that the gates will close in a moment and you will be left on the wrong side.

    14) Dress Comfortably And Not Too Lightly

    Even if you are flying out on a hot day and flying to an equally hot place, take some light sweatshirts or sweaters with you on the plane. Air conditioning in the plane can mess up a lot. Of course, for the trip itself, it is worth choosing comfortable things that do not hinder movement, that can be easily removed (outerwear) and put on. The kind in which you won't sweat or freeze. And ladies, the less jewelry the better, forget about high heels or wedges. Flat sneakers will work best.

    15) Prepare For The Security Check In Advance

    Instead of nervously removing straps, jewelry, taking out phones, laptops, tablets immediately before the inspection, it is worth storing all devices in one place in a handbag so that you can quickly remove them if necessary. Personal items such as jewelry or a belt should also be removed earlier. Thanks to this, they will be checked by the scanner and you will pass through the security gates without unnecessary problems and time wasting. This will make life easier not only for you, but also for other travelers who will be queuing behind you.

    There is a high probability that the tips mentioned here are not exhaustive, but they are certainly useful and result from many years of experience and observation.

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