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    Event: September Dinner Date

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 24.09.2019. Start Time: 19:00

    Location: The Welcome Inn, 49 High Street, Hornchurch

    September Dinner Date

    Tuesday 24th September, 2019. 19.00
    The Welcome Inn, 49 High Street, Hornchurch RM11 1TP

    This restaurant is described as Chinese, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly

    I’m sorry I haven’t got a menu to point you to, as there is no website for the restaurant. I’m informed that the food is a little more expensive here than is usual though.

    The restaurant is easy to find – it is along by Tarantino’s and opposite J.J. Moon’s in Hornchurch.
    Buses 165, 193, 248 and 372 stop almost outside. Also a 256 will drop you in the High Street or North Street.

    So, does anybody like Chinese food? Who would like to come?
    • Boots why don't you come? Theres a tube station up the road

      Would be good to see you x

    • though its easy to get a bus from the tube station, the actual station is quite a long way from Horn..

    • I've never done the bus ride Dee although a friend has. Thanks for telling me.

    • its okay Leslie, Boots, Linda P & myself have done the journey before when we all went to a quiz at ..

    • Joy/Would love to come but am busy that evening - shame as it's local for me. Lesley D/Boots. If you..

    • Put me down pls Joy., thank you.

    • Hi Chris. Thanks but I live just outside Romford do will get a bus. Look forward to seeing you all x

    • Okay Dee, I'll put you on the list. What a shame Chris N, it's always the wrong date for somebody.....

    • Joy just to let you know,

      I don't think the Welcome Inn still has the same name in case people get ..

    • I believe it is the same name Lesley, they would be silly to change it really,being as it had a good..

    • The family retired either Chrustmas or New Years Eve Joy as I was there for their final meal. Very m..

    • The take away has been slated, its never the same when new owners take over, but lets go and see for..

    • Yes I agree Dee. The family that regired had the redtaurant gor years. I went there with my mum and ..

    • Just a quick reminder about tonight's dinner at the Welcome Inn, Hornchurch 7pm xx

    • Hi Joy,....Can you please add Jen and I or is it too for that ??

    • The above note should have ended with too LATE for that ??

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