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  • Miranda @Miranda2 Trent Park updated 7 months ago

    Seeking tips please

    Does anyone have any suggestions please how to get white socks looking white again? My son goes running, wears white towelling sports socks and comes back very muddy. His socks is the worse, caked in mud. I've put his socks through the washing machine three times, covered in stain remover. Alas his socks still comes out looking brown than white. Be nice to have white socks again! Ho hum.
    • Try wetting them, then rubbing laundry soap into them and leaving them (out of the water) overnight...

    • Have you tried the Oxy powder stuff, soak them in it for a while - works on my greyed things and eve..

    • soaking in vanish crystal white? I wonder why sports socks have to be white - black would be good!!!

    • Thanks for the replies/tips, I'm very grateful.

    • @Mi... Have you tried Soda Crystals? I found a leaflet and amazed how many uses it has. Must add ..

    • @Lo... Thanks, I do use Soda Crystals, great stuff. I use it for my burnt pans, does the trick, a..

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