• John H @JohnH6 Mod Westcliff-On-Sea - 3mo

    Scooploop tip No.2 - What did they say?

    Further to tip No.1 - What did I say: https://bit.ly/3TkFaeH

    To find the post or comment that you made, you will have to go to your profile to find its location, unless, of course, you can identify it from what you have said. In your profile, you can choose to have it display your posts and comments separately, Clicking on your post/comment, will take you to the post to see what others have said. However, if the post has been deleted, then the only way you can do this, is to remember who else was in the post, and then go to their profile.
    If a post or comment was made by someone that is no longer a member, then depending on how they deleted their account, you will see their comment as 'anonymous' or 'this comment was deleted by its author'.
    The deletion of an account to remove all data, only removes it from Scooploop, it does not remove it from the web, where it may stay visible forever. Other ways to see your posts, are to go to the particular loop and click on 'My activity' or, if recent, see those and more information in 'My Hub'.
    There is also the loop's Search facility, not the Scooploop search at the top of the page. You cannot, of course, look in private/closed loops. There are also hidden loops.

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