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  • (Revised wording) When a user creates a thread in a group and then wants to remove it - what should

    Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 1 month ago

    (Revised wording) When a user creates a thread in a group and then wants to remove it - what should happen?

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      1 month ago
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    • @ji... having some kind of Scooploop dictionary is actually not a bad idea.

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      1 month ago
    • @ji... yes, but firstly, there might be words/terms specific for SL only, and secondly we want to kee..

    • I would like to see reasons for removal on both Threads and Comments. I often read a comment and lat..

    • I know this is a poll, why are threads closed by OPs before any comments. Example: https://www.scoo..

    • Presumably he didn't want conversation just your donation.

    • He is not getting my money but I could have offered a very good coat and other warm clothing for his..

    • I can't see where the confusion is. On this site scooploop there are three actions quoted: to post, ..

    • @Ve... you posted some good questions, we might show the reason for removal, after all it's a handfu..

    • @To... thank you for your reply. It must be hard for some moderator's to be unbiased as we all have ..

    • @Mr... the reasoning, as stated on the other thread, is that users used to get upset when long..

    • @To... you say the reason is that people were getting upset because a long discussion was suddenly s..

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      1 month ago
    • ..... but does that give them the right to delete everyone else`s contributions ?

    • How is the originator supposed to stop abuse in the thread that they have initiated, if they can't r..

    • @Cl... they can be kept like when moderators remove comments and the post doesn't make sense any mo..

    • Appeal to their moderator...... that`s what they are there for !

    • @Di... Surely that is the job of the moderator, as a moderator I have been asked to remove inapprop..

    • What happens if the moderator is not available and it is out of hours for the management? How do you..

    • Example : Another USA inappropriate/ spam / off topic in the dog group.

    • Both sides have valid arguments, if that wasn't the case there would be no need for a poll. I'm impa..

    • @To... Plus of course you can have more than one moderator in a group, which seems a sensible way to..

    • My opinion is that anyone that starts a thread should not have the right to close the discussion. A ..

    • @Di... why would you want to continually reread a post that has been closed?

    • I don’t know if I’m looking at it like everyone else , a moderator is usually the one who started th..

    • @Da... I agree... a moderator should have the ability to remove offensive comments and replies accor..

    • @Mr... I don’t think so. A lot of posters argue and are rude to people who join in discussions..

    • @Da... they can do that now by just clicking on "close discussion". To me it is more to do with the ..

    • But if they close discussion it is still there for others to see their action or reaction it doesn’t..

    • @Da... why are you allowed to delete your own comment and reply if it suits you but not your own pos..

    • @Mr... if you are speaking about property Mr Sok why should you be able to delete 10 other peo..

    • On a serious note. I haven’t a strong view either way. I don’t mind who can delete what. If I start ..

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      1 month ago
    • @ji... thank you for asking that, you are not alone.

    • @ji... @Se... yes...... the first poll was more accurate in its wording.

    • @ji... Put simply; when someone starts a new topic in any group, they have started a “thread” Anyone ..

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      1 month ago
    • @Da... comments and replies can stay, it might make the post incoherent but that happens now anyway...

    • on scooploop threads are never mentioned it's either post, comments, or replies.

    • @Mr... seems to be only three of us who think that way, fear we are outnumbered😥

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      1 month ago
    • @Da... on scooploop... someone starts a "post" in a group others in that group comment or reply to it..

    • @ji... A social media dictionary? That’s a new one on me. On that note, I’m out of here to leave you ..

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    • Anyway the question is: if you post a publication on scooploop, should you have the right as it's yo..

    • @Mr... that wasn’t the question though, it was basically should you be able to delete a post i..

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      1 month ago
    • @Da... as it is now you "can" delete a post without comments or replies. The question is do we want ..

    • It's like brexit all over again! 🤣

    • Yes, thread means simply the whole discussion in this context, along with the initial post. There is..

    • I found the wording of the first poll confusing, this second poll has been much clearer, and I have ..

    • @Mr... 😂😅😂😅

    • @To... I bet you wish you had never started this 😅😅

    • @Bo... Just what I was typing...

    • Can you ask us an easy one please 🤪

    • How about: Do you find that calling a post 'a post' is confusing?, and: Do you find calling comments..

    • Do you mean you shall, or you will?

    • @Da... which leg do you use first you're right or your left to put your pants on in the morning? 😂

    • @Jo... Oh, so neither then. (It was a multiple choice question. Has to be either 'shall' or 'will')..

    • @Mr... let me think...right lol (actually pictured it in my mind to find out)😂😅😂

    • @Bl... Only two items, so not multiple. Also, you put 'Do you mean you shall, or you will? You sho..

    • @Jo... As I didn't include myself in the 'we', it had to be 'you' as you were speaking about yourse..

    • PS - more than one is multiple.

    • @Bl... Not correct: Do you remember R..


    • @Mi... Thank you, Catherine!

    • This is a typical attempt to obscure a serious posts topic by off topic chatter that goes on and on...

    • @Ra... or bore us all to the end of the earth.

    • @Se... No-one's forcing you to read it.

    • Tomas - help

    • How about a poll to vote on which dictionary should be believed? Also, should I start a poll to see ..

    • @Bl... very true, I'm on a mission to see my boredom threshold

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      1 month ago
    • @Bo... to be fair I don't regret it as surprisingly this thread gave me a few other ideas (you will ..

    • @To... I think there's a fair sprinkling of the British sense of humour, score settling, attempts at..

    • Citizen Smith

    • @ji... wait a few days and see..

    • @Bo... or People's Front of Judea

    • That's a film I'd like to see again

    • @Bo... It's always worth watching again, like the Godfather (in terms of watching it again)

    • Coincidentally [or is it ? ] it was just mentioned on another thread.

    • Probably not !

    • Result of 2nd poll ........ no significant change.

    • @Cl... Appeal to the moderator. That's quite amusing, as some moderators cannot be bothered to even..

    • @Bl... you could try the second in command, RT

    • @Mi... Yes, I have had to resort to that in the past, unfortunately. But it makes the initial ..

    • I have now been completely evicted from a Group (probably because of my earlier comment on a Group (..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • I'm wondering why a Moderator of a Group can decide to evict someone from their Group, based on a co..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • I think you might be right, Jim!

    • @Bl... same happened to me. I never posted and rarely commented in the group but was chucked out f..

    • hahaha how ironic that @Bl... @Mi... @Ve... members that wrongly keep banging on about malici..

    • @Mr... I would love it if you could please supply any evidence of where I may have 'banged on'..

    • @Mr... it's your Mrs that's going on and on about aliases who aren't causing any trouble and h..

    • @Ve... @Bl... @Mi... don't be baffled girls why people are turning against you they are seei..

    • @Ve... There's really no reason to be in there, it's no loss as there's always the intrigue with the..

    • @Mr... I will ask my question again - please provide your evidence of where I have 'banged on'..

    • @Ve... As you can see, he's proving my point, loads of other groups to be in that aren't polluted

    • 😂 i'm going to mark this day in my calendar and celebrate it every year. 🥂🎉

    • Any evidence yet of your outlandish claims? @Mr...

    • No? So stop talking cr*p then.

    • @Bl... temper temper who did you bully to the extent that got you thrown out of a group.

    • Catherine @Mi... I'm not worried, just agreeing with @Bl... 'an abuse of power' by a moderat..

    • @Mr... Mr Creepy Stalker Bully - You might like to answer the question(s) asked of you. Please..

    • Nope, still nothing. Just a figment of your overactive imagination then. Time for your meds, time fo..

    • @Bl... Just ignore him, he's an individual who has a calendar with one entry all year, people he's..

    • @Mi... Yes, tragic! Poor man.

    • @Ve... Was that comment about an abuse of power from a moderator tongue in cheek?😂

    • @Bl... @Mi... girls you know you can't get to me with your childish sticks and stones remark..

    • Hehe no of course not

    • @Mi... i'm going to sleep well tonight with lovely dreams. 🤗

    • @Mr... I wonder what is supercilious or condescending about asking for evidence to back up you..

    • i'm off to watch the end of the snooker.i'm so happy.night night. x

    • @Mr... And yet again, avoiding answering the usual questions. Throwing out wild accusations wi..

    • @Bl... best policy is to ignore the idiot. You are better than him and his ridiculous aliases.

    • It's time to close this post and all its threads

    • The thread and all it’s comments 😂

    • Yes, it's time... Let me.

    This discussion is now closed.

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