• Event: Return to School free webinar on Wednesday

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 03.03.2021. Start Time: 20:00

    Location: Online

    If anyone is interested - This workshop is designed to help you help your child to manage the transition back to school, and help them feel capable and confident, not just now but beyond.

    As we move to some form of normality, it’s vital that as parents you know

    How to get your children emotionally ready,
    How to help them continue to be emotionally strong,
    How to build resilience so that they can cope with the changes, and
    How to build their confidence.

    There will be many challenges, from easing back into socialising and re-establishing friendships, to coping with different routines, to settling back to class-based learning.
    This workshop will introduce you to some core Parent Practice skills which you can put into action straight away, so your children will be emotionally ready and able to problem solve and think for themselves

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