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  • Reporting a landline out of order

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 9 months ago

    Does anybody know how to do this, please. Have been trying friend's phone for past 24 hours and permanently engaged. Once managed to get a 'ring back' notice which I did. I've tried 151 but unable to access unless I contact my 'service provider'. Also tried the 0800 number I found on google, rang it and it gave every option but to report a fault.
    She's with BT Broadband, I know, but laptop wasn't working a week ago. She's had BT round when the line wasn't working about 10 days ago, who said the person who had installed her care-line phone hadn't done it correctly but said they had fixed it. Phone started playing up again and when she rang them (originally she was a priority), BT said they would get back to her and never did. I'm particularly worried as she was taken to hospital last weekend, I rang the hospital then, who said she would be going home the next day, left it a day and haven't been able to contact her since due to the phone. She was having carers.
    In Norfolk so a distance away

    If this is progress, then count me out. All I want to know is how to report a fault on a landline, please.


    • @An... - Thanks, Sheila - same problem, would possibly work if I were reporting my own landline but n..


      This might help - I know its not strictly broadband..

    • @Le... - thanks, seems to be just for broadband enquiries. I did find out that my speed is l9.8mbp..

    • on here.

    • I still ring 100 as in the old-days!! They soon direct you to the right place.

    • @An... - thanks again, have left a message (with their proviso of course that everything is taking lo..

    • @Kr... - You are BRILLIANT - hanging on now.

    • Just shows, the old ways are the best ;-)

    • If i`m brilliant I won`t argue 😁 Glad it worked!!

    • Well, now confirmed fault on line unless phone is off hook. At least I managed to speak to someone, ..

    • I had a problem once when I was checking up on my brother. I was told if they accidently leave their..

    • @Se... Try to find some of her neighbours or a business nearby and kindly asked them if they could ..

    • @An... - BT came back pretty quickly to my message - said they would check the line if I gave the num..

    • @Lo... - only ever heard her talk about her neighbours by Christian name. She's really had a very..

    • @Se... I would first check if she left hospital and where to. Hospital might take you all afternoon..

    • @Se... I would search the address finder for neighbours. If anything else fails try ---Swifts/Night..

    • @Se... The hospital will not discharge if she needs more care than arranged. So make sure she is no..

    • @Se... just a suggestion but the high cost is because she is using an agency that take most of the ..

    • @Ly... - I thought so too, to be honest, but she did it in a hurry as it happened suddenly and she ..

    • @Ly... Where would you find these private carers? and what will happened if one can not turn up?

    • @Se... Never heard of 100!! Clearly they aren`t very old!!🤣 Like me. They`ll have to help your fri..

    • I think it's about £30 ph, plus travelling, plus VAT. Last month came to £1,700 approx. It seems a n..

    • I totally don`t blame her about ready-meals!! Yuk! But I`d try companies like Wiltshire-I think they..

    • A couple of people have recommended these meals...they don't have to go ..

    • Marks & Spencer have started a range of food boxes.

    • Might have a look at them myself, Sheila, good to have in cupboard anyway! You can always add more v..

    • Why not try Sainsbury's frozen lamb shanks. They packed separate and one can warm them up in micro. ..

    • @An... I got a leaflet from Parcelbox. Let me know what you think. Sounds good but.....

    • You can cook pasta & veges in 10 minutes & there are nice ready made sauces out there. You don`t hav..

    • A friend bought me (2) roast beef dinners from Marks last week (£4.50 each), which frankly was awful..

    • Lamb shanks are very fatty - i can't stand any fat on meat

    • @Bo... Before you put lamb shanks in oven/micro I take all the white fat off.

    • @Se... Any luck yet?

    • No, just tried and still engaged. Will ring 100 again a bit later as now nearly 24 hours - thanks.

    • I think you could maybe ring the police after all this time. Ring 101 as they are very helpful. Good..

    • Have rung again - could take until the 23rd (Thursday) to fix but that is the latest date. I asked c..

    • @Se... To stop you worrying try the care providers, I think they are on 24 hr. duty. If they report..

    • Woke in the middle of night (of course) and remembered one of her carer's had sent me an email with ..

    • @Se... You been worrying about this situation for 2 days. ----Go and pick up the phone to care agen..

    • Phone now working, she came home today (as you said and not last week). In a great deal of pain with..

    • Really glad you managed to get in touch.

    • Thanks, Viv.

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