• DAVID @DAVID Harold Wood - 3y

    Reminder to check sheds, garages etc. for trapped cats.

    One of the family's cats recently went missing. Luckily, just when all hope had nearly been given up of finding him, he's been found after nearly 2 weeks of being locked in a shed while the owner had been away on holiday. Fortunately, someone looking after that family's pets had seen the lost poster, had to go to the shed for something and found the cat inside. Very weak but alive. At this time of year, when we're packing away our garden furniture etc. for the winter, please spare a few minutes to double check out any sheds, garages, outhouses etc before locking up, in case where one of our furry friend's curiosity might have got the better of them. This lucky little black cat's used up a few of his 9 lives !.

Harold Wood

Neighbourhood loop for Harold Wood, Greater London