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  • Recommendation for someone to 'repair' my CCTV system..

    Niche @Niche Palmers Green updated 7 months ago

    I posted this in Community but thought I'd also post it here; apologies in advance if it is not the right forum but any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I just phoned up a CCTV company as I need to 'fix' my CCTV system but they do no repair old systems, only install new ones.

    I am able to view it on my TV but the timer setting is out of sync.

    I am unable to view it on my PC/ is failing to find the device.

    The company who installed it has dissolved!!

    Could someone please give me a recommendation of someone, based on personal experience, who could help me out and I also need a camera physically adjusted because next door have moved it - if I move it back myself, it'll likely just become a ping pong match plus I am unable to download any images, so would gain no interest on any untoward behaviour.

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