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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 1 year ago

    Re-watching Harry Potter..

    OK, I have to admit that the lockdown starts to take a toll on me, now I even started to re-watch all Harry Potter movies.

    Wow, acting was really bad in the first two, but everything got a lot better from number three onwards. As someone who never read the books ( apart from some short parts) there are so many things about the story .. but probably I shouldn't take it too serious.

    Do kids nowadays still like the movies?

    • @Ci... My four grandchildren (oldest one ten) dont have the concentration levels to watch a film ..

    • I don't really remember what movies I watched when I was under ten. We didn't go to the cinema very ..

    • @Ci... the first film (not movie, Lol) I ever saw at a cinema was The Dambusters which my dad too..

    • I was growing up with HP books... remember reading un-official versions all days and nights on my co..

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