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    Had this text forwarded to me ........

    As we all know the past year has been an extremely difficult one and we have all been impacted by this pandemic in a number of different ways. As a school we are even more aware of these impacts as we have students who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we want to make sure that everybody feels supported during this incredibly challenging time. We are very pleased to announce that due to the very hard work of the staff here at The Ravensbourne School, we are now in a position to launch our very own food bank. We know that many of you will be anxious to donate to our food bank. However, we ask that you only make a donation whilst passing the school as part of an essential journey and not make specific trips to donate. If you do wish to donate there will be storage units inside the main doors of the main reception but outside of the glass doors, this is to ensure that contact is minimalised within school. Food storage bins will be placed into isolation for a set period before being placed into general food bank storage. For those wanting to make a donation, they will be accepted Monday to Friday 8am-12pm. All items must be non-perishable. The list that follows is only suggestions and not extensive: cereal, tins of beans/spaghetti/tomatoes, pasta, rice or noodles, cooking sauce, tinned fruit and vegetables, spreads like jam, honey etc., bread sticks/ crackers, UHT milk, juices, tea and coffee. We also suggest items such as: deodorants, shower gels, shampoos etc and essential baby items too like formula, nappies and wipes. All items that are donated will be stored at room temperature in specific areas in a set room. Due to this any item requiring temperature control unfortunately cannot be accepted. There will be a clear separation between new donations and stock that is ready to be issued. Regular stock takes will occur to ensure that all items have at least a 7 day use by date, this will also be adhered to by staff when accepting donations. It is also important to mention that when handling donations all staff will follow the appropriate government guidelines. We would like to thank Tesco and Sainsburys Bromley for their very kind donations which have been extremely valuable in establishing the stock we currently have. In addition, a massive thank you has to be said to the players and staff of Bromley FC who themselves donated in great volume and we are very grateful to everyone for their ongoing support with our project as we endeavour to give back to our school community. Yours faithfully Lewis Knox, Head Boy & The Student Leadership Team

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