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    Predict the score - West Ham United v Bayer Leverkusen

    Europa League quarter final 2nd leg. Leverkusen won the first 2-0. At the weekend they became German Bundesliga champions. Get your predictions in by 7.30pm for the 8.00pm kick off.

    How the game works aka the rules.
    1. Each day I choose a football match that will be televised live.
    2. Your task is to predict what the score will be at full time. We don't count extra time or penalties.
    3. At the cut off time I will post what the betting odds are for each score prediction.
    4. If you predict the correct score you win the number of points equating to the odds.
    For example if Bayern Munich had won 2-0 at odds of 12/1 you win 12 points. If the match had finished 1-1 at odds of 5/1, you win 5 points.
    I think thats it.

    Good luck with today's predictions.


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