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    Power of Attorney

    I am sure most members of this group
    Are aware, and may already have a Power of Attorney for their loved one. But for anyone who hasn’t here is the link to the details and forms .
    I would advise that anyone doing this download all the advice and information sheets before filling in either or both of the POA’s.
    Most people used to do this through a solicitor but it can be very expensive and now it is all online, it is reasonably easy to
    do. However it must be done in the Donors name (cared for) to record their wishes and choices for both health and finances .
    The person named to take on the care of the donors wishes when required is called the ‘The Attorney’
    Our ‘Donor’ was advised , and was happy, not to make their choices complicated , leaving most choices to the ‘Attorneys’ as she fully trusted us to only act in her best interests at all times .


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