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  • Sheila A @Ange Bromley updated 10 days ago

    Posts going into community when I want them in a loop

    Several times recently I've been in a loop and decided to make a new post but it has ended up in community rather than the loop I'm in.

    Is this a glitch or is it just me doing it wrong?

    Has this happened to anyone else?
    • @An... - the most important question is, where do you click 'create a post..'?

      If you start on the l..

    • @An... I had the same problem last night. I went to the Anything group and placed a thread. Went back..

    • @Ro... - I'm not saying there isn't a bug, there may well be, but I think the presentation of this ..

    • I've occasionally had the reverse problem: wanting to post something of more general (not merely loc..

    • @An... We'll PM you about this issue.

    • @Di... - Don't think so, but it might be that Scooploop are missing something, although I'm not sur..

    • @Pe... As I said, I thought I was in a loop. Maybe I'm mistaken. I will keep an eye on it when I ma..

    • @An... i noticed that if you do a post from Newsfeed it automatically goes into local.

    • That was my point, @Bo... . But if you click on the word 'Local' you can instead choose a loop.

    • All sorted now, thanks all

    • @Pe... That sounds like confirmation that SL should introduce an SL Community loop (for the entire ..

    • @Di... -- hmmm, I dunno. Kahuti started off with a 'community' feed, which was essentially what you..

    • @Di... We already have Scooploop community and newsfeed, what would the difference be ?

    • @Bo... What exactly do you mean by "Scooploop community"?

      Is there a loop by that name?

      If not, ho..

    • @Di... Yes there is a loop called Scooploop community

    • @Bo... I can only find one called "Scooploop community support", run by the SL team to help with pro..

    • @Di... There is all sorts of stuff on that one, from missing cats, holidays, NHS waiting times etc...

    • @Bo... - There s all sorts of stuff, yes, but only posted by the SL team, and usually on a Friday to..

    • @Pe... I like @Di... have never found a loop simply called "Scooploop Community". I only see the f..

    • @Ve... I don't know how to get to Community News ( not Community support...that's easy to find) thou..

    • By 'SL Community' I meant this loop, 'SL Community Support'. If you click on the green Scooploop ico..

    • @Pe... in other words there is NO loop simply called "Scooploop Community". All very confusing.

    • There is.... SL community support, SL tech, SL workshop and Local (which you can adjust your areas d..

    • @Sc... Please would you therefore seriously consider setting up a "Scooploop Community" area ..

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