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    Pirates quiz

    The following list gives clues to the names of persons, places or things which all relate to pirates. How many can you guess. You have to get the answer I was thinking of although most have only one possible answer. One guess per question allowed - three in #s 10 and 11 with one point for each correct country. No use of reference material or the internet of course to ensure fair play. Good luck.

    REMEMBER - NO POSTS instead you PM me with your guesses any time up to 5am tomorrow. If possible, please wait until you've completed all the guesses you want to make to avoid too many PMs and to make my job easier. So no hurry and it doesn't matter when you submit the answers because I'll be judging them solely on who has the most correct - and in the event of two or more being level it will be a tie. I hope this is clear and good luck. Tomorrow I’ll post the names of the top entries.

    1. The name of the pirate flag

    2. Plays Captain Jack Sparrow

    3. Type of bird that a pirate has on his shoulder

    4. Name of a popular ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

    5. African nation that had a piracy outbreak in the 21st century

    6, Tom Hanks movie about a ship that was captured by pirates from that country

    7. Pirate captain from "Peter Pan"

    8. What Caribbean pirate Edward Teach was better known as

    9, Ship that was captained by # 8.

    10. Name the 3 countries that made up the Barbary Coast, a famous haven for pirates

    11. Name the 3 countries along the Straits of Malacca which was another former piracy hot-spot

    12. English captain who raided Spanish galleons and became the second
    person to lead a circumnavigation of the globe

    13, Book featuring a pirate captain named Long John Silver

    14. Person who was executed for piracy on 23 May 1701, at Execution Dock, Wapping

    15. Underwater location which sounds like an early David Bowie group

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