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    Personal alarms

    Has anyone any experience of personal alarms. I am looking for a pendant watch type alarm that would make contact with various family mobiles in the event of a fall or need for assistance.
    I know Age UK has such a service but think it goes through a call centre and has an involved set up system.
    Am considering CPR Guardian III SOS Personal alarm watch and will be contacting them soon to discuss the product.
    In the meantime, any views or comments from you knowledgeable folk?

    Many years ago we had a BT landline for my mum with an emergency button—- plus pendant/watch to wear — that made contact with us via mobiles whenever assistance was required. We could talk to her via the phone without her ringing us when button pressed.
    Obviously now things have moved on and alerts for falls or for moving out of a designated area are all programmed into a device. I want something simple but also competent to give me piece of mind when I leave my husband on his own .

    Thanks everyone.

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