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  • Pay Rise - House of Lords

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 11 months ago

    I read yesterday that they will be given a pay rise to £325 a day, tax free. 'If they attend 150 sittings of the year, could pocket nearly £50,000, tax free as not a salary, for expenses'.
    Waiting for someone to tell me this is fake news? Please ......?

    • No, not fake news. You can look up last year's expenses (before the increase) here. Don't bother wit..

    • All I can say is GRRH Selsey. Most of them just go in for a reduced lunch and pub bill paid again by..

    • While they underfund our services,our fall-back security(benefits) our NHS,our education & our polic..

    • Sleep is hard work ---- they have to get paid for it better than signing in and sneaking out again a..

    • £325 a day - what, the Brexit Free lance Consultants are on £700 - £1200 a day plus ex

    • Most of these `people` have plenty of money already. They should be donating it to the poor instead ..

    • So what how much each member has got why should anyone be told what they should do .

    • Do you mean people who have millions more than they can spend in their lifetime should be taking mor..

    • And don’t we have to pay for those expensive wigs and gowns.

    • @Kr... why not

    • I `spect so @Sa...08 😒

    • @Te... Because,to state the obvious,they have enough- no-more than enough! Much of it made on the b..

    • Many have paid bundles in tax employed many reach the top of their career then been honoured with a ..

    • You have no idea want they need to live on

    • Then they`ll know if they`ve paid `bundles` that it`s not them I`m talking about. I`m quite happy wi..

    • Many that are too lazy to work and live off the state

    • All they have to do is show their face or sign in. It's happened in the past it will always happen.

    • Not if the archaic HOLs is scrapped and replaced with an elected chamber, rather than failed politic..

    • Should add the House of Lords is not just full of Tories, there are other parties in there too. Berc..

    • John Prescott, no I don't want to be in the house of Lords. A lot of Labour sitting not just Tory.

    • Please remember that you and I pay for this!

    • Make it an "honorary position" . See how many turn up and care about their country. Most politicians..

    • So who would not take it if they were deselected as a MP ?I for one would, but would not become an M..

    • I don`t think it`s that easy to get benefits any more @Te... & @Sk.... Did you see Universal Credi..

    • I saw that TV programme on Universal Credit Krista. Felt really sorry for that lovely upbeat guy who..

    • In the Uk it we did not have a stack of Billionaires and 100k's of millionaires paying £m in taxes y..

    • No @Te... we don`t all.

    • Yes we do fact

    • Any resident and tax payer of UK and Commonwealth can apply to become a member! ( Terry?) However mo..

    • @Kr... I may have read this wrong your post about 3-4 pm did I say anything about Universal..

    • Can't evade paying TAX, if you PAYE even if you receive a pension, that you have paid into. Pay as y..

    • Sorry that should have read I did not say anything about Universal Credit .Predictive text again.

    • @Sk... We pay tax on an accumulation of our pensions, including our state one, and the tax is stopp..

    • @Sk... so when you pay the window cleaner barber, do you pay him or her in cash do you get a receip..

    • My state pension is added to any money I may earn for taxable purposes.

    • Thats only fair but no NI which we should all pay including pensioners

    • I’m not complaining as occasionally I tutor and declare the cash as earnings, all above board.

    • You we all get a Tax code, which informs each one of us what you can keep (for want of a simple way ..

    • I/we do any jobs ourselves, therefore no cash in hand. If you PAYE even through the pension you have..

    • I remembered reading this in the Telegraph a while agoTHE TAX SYSTEM EXPLAINED - USING A BEER ANALOG..

    • @Sk... having your boiler serviced you may pay cash no vat car wash cash gardener no vat barber hai..

    • If I pay a business such as for boiler service, which is through a company they would pay the vat @T.....

    • @Ve... - I half understood that, Vera, thanks! Inclined to agree with Terry that we should all pay N..

    • NI is taken on a % of what you receive, upper and lower limit apply, Us oldies a lot of us started w..

    • I doubt you'll pay tax on unemployment benefit, surely that's not over the personal tax allowance. I..

    • Extended retirement age, what age do people start contributing? Not the age of 15/16. The single mot..

    • @Sk... Sorry wrong you pay the VAT not the company they collect vat then pay the government the dif..

    • I/we go to a/any retailer, buy a product which either has VAT or is VAT exempt, the customer has no ..

    • @Sk... are you saying you A company that turns over £85k must charge VAT ? example you sell a item ..

    • Obviously you own a company,

    • Why do you say that

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