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  • Danni @Danni Erith updated 28 days ago


    I have joined this group and have added to a quiz but it is not rising to the top of the posts in that group . There appears to be a fault . This is the link to it I think . Can someone assist please

    • The second quiz this is happening to in the same group is


    • This thread is showing up in the Scooploop Tech Support loop, to which it seems unlikely to belong.


    • @Di... - have another read of the OP. This thread is in the correct loop.

    • Please see post in Pastime https://www.scooploop.com/thread/what-has-gone-wrong-2#comment_294531

    • @Ve... Thank you . Perhaps I did not explain it properly . I was trying to help.

    • A quick look at the two threads Danni posted reveal a few features:

      Both are over 120 comments long..

    • Thank you for reporting this. We currently have a rule where comments will not move up the loop if o..

    • @Pe... I read it as being about having joined "this group" ie Scooploop Tech Support. "Pastime" as ..

    • You can always do what Clive recommends when I post gets too long start a new chapter.

    • @Sc... Thanks for extending. In case of illness or lost post have been added to enquire how t..

    • @So... I would expect a game to continue longer than a normal discussion but from what I can see ..

    • @Da... To be honest I don't have much knowledge of the technical side of how SL is run.

    • @Da... - There are two issues at play.

      One is that a very long post can take ages to load or scrol..

    • @Pe... I can understand that I was just answering Socrates remark

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