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    Participants needed

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    • Does that mean aged 25-40 or lived in UK 25-40 years ?

    • @Me... Why the age limit?

    • @Bo... hi, its 25-40 years! 😊

    • @Te... hi, when you do a PhD research the study needs to be focused. Therefore you have to choose a..

    • I’ve gladly filled in your questionnaire and asked for updates.

    • @Sy... giving us a heads up on your age bracket - must be one of the youngsters on here 😄😄

    • @Bo... I have no problem with people being aware of my age bracket. To be more precise, I met Melind..

    • @Me... I understand the need to focus the study and age brackets allow that, so why have you..

    • @Te... Do you not think that Melinda answered that point? She chose an age group of 25-40. She coul..

    • @Te... I had a look and the very first question asked my age bracket so obviously I was excluded be..

    • @Sy... My comment was to Melinda and intended to be constructive. Thank you for implying I am too sen..

    • Good luck with your research, Melinda. Unfortunately, I am over your age bracket, and being one of t..

    • @Te... I wasn’t for a moment intimating that you were too senile to complete the questionnaire. Why..

    • @Sy... Do you read what you write?

    • May be we could ask our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren......

    • @Bo... Same as you Boots, I am over the limit too, but I thought I would look to see the kind of que..

    • Waste of time...and is a self-serving project.

      " Participants needed Hello beautiful people,


    • Joss please don't be so unnecessarily rude. Any PhD research is to an extent self-serving. You canno..

    • @Le... - the 'beautiful people' could be just young-person-speak 😁😁😁

    • Agree and I see younger people using such terms all the time. It is targeted at 25-40 year old group..

    • @Le... like being called 'hun' - if one more person on FB calls me that i will scream.

    • @Bo... I strongly dislike that too!

    • If the study compared the views of several age groups it might have some relevance?

      But it's like as..

    • Your analogy re 4 year olds and ice cream is really not comparable. A great deal of very robust rese..

    • The young lady asked for help which I gladly gave but she gets negative comments from others. Why I ..

    • @Le...

      Did Melinda research the age group of SL members?

      Be interesting to enquire of her why sh..

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Save The Planet

This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet.

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