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  • Panorama: Coca Cola’s 100 billion bottle problem

    Did anyone watch this show on Mon night, or now on BBC iPlayer?
    The pollution that this company has created since turning to plastic is really depressing,
    and not just in Coca Cola bottles but other soft drinks they churn out. Even more sad when
    you see the poorest families in Uganda collecting and returning to recycle for about 4p a day
    - if that, and very young children not able to go to school.
    • I wonder how specific that is to Coca Cola's chosen bottles. Some recycling bigwig refuted Boris's d..

    • perhaps james bond needs to know about this


    • @Sa...08 I saw it. They should make sure those families have a living wage;I think that was said du..

    • They do that in Scandinavian countries and I even remember returning bottles as a child.

    • In Germany there is a 25c deposit on all bottles and cans, I think we should have something similar ..

    • Use glass bottles - glass can be recycled.

    • @Bo... And even reused. Milk bottles do that.

    • @Sa... Trouble is some bottles only can be returned to certain shops or where bought. IMO recyclin..

    • I've got excited lately seeing that my small Coop has started taking clean soft plastics in a bin by..

    • @Sa...08

      Hi Sandie, I was talking to a woman on a Co op stall at a fete at the weekend and she tol..

    • @Jo... I have never seen one in mine but will look next time I go there.

    • @Bo... To be honest Boots, the one that is in my local Co op is about three feet high and about a fo..

    • @Lo... But if you bought it from your usual shopping place, surely you can take it back next time..

    • @Bo... That's what surprised me about that radio discussion the other day: glass bottles being s..

    • @Di... I think that`s right Diana. With glass because of the energy it takes to recycle it`s best t..

    • @Jo... just been to my Co-op. there is a grey box with a small hole in the front but it doesn't say w..

    • @Jo... yes as I mentioned, such a good idea. quite small bin though so I think manager gets bit fed u..

    • @Bo... no this is a blue bin. May have seen the recent advert with elderly man taking his bread bag ..

    • @Sa...08 Seems mine hasn't got one then

    • @Bo... oh shame, well maybe ask them next time why?

    • @Jo... That would barely take more than double the stuff that I throw out which falls within the Co-o..

    • @Sa...08 just seen it on the tv ad. no we haven;t got one.

    • @Bo... oh well hopefully it will arrive eventually. Next time in there ask when?

      Or could email cus..

    • I didn’t think that the glass milk bottles were melted down, just sterilised . When I was a child, w..

    • @Jo... That`s correct. Most of the time they are sterilised and re-used NOT melted down and recycled...

    • @Kr... You must be better than I am at sterilising glass jars etc. Too many of mine collaps..

    • @Di... I don`t know how good I am,it`s the milk company that do it!! I have sterilised bottles for ..

    • @Kr... I gave up trying to sterilise glass jars for jam etc; far too many breakages! Now I ..

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