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    Note for loop mods: The difference between "removing" and "suspending" members

    Hello everyone.

    There have been a couple of questions regarding the difference between "removing" and "suspending" loop members by loop moderators.

    To clarify the difference:

    - "suspending" a loop member can be reversed (by using "unsuspend user") , it is thought for loop members who violate loop guidelines but might be allowed to post in the loop in the future.

    - "removed" is forever. This should/can be used by moderators who want to remove a loop member who is involved in off-topic-spam or is so abusive you do not want to be bothered in the future. The "removed" status can not be reversed by loop mods.

    We have - in rare cases - changed the "removed" status to "suspended" where it was used by mistake and mods have asked for help, but it's not something the SL Team does on a regular basis.

    Have a nice day.

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